Addison takes Quality Control with Heavy regard

We are extremely experienced in Quality Control & Quality Control Programs, and specialize in consultant services when the client is in need of a Company Specific Safety Program, Fabricator Quality Control Quality Systems Manual and System, Welding Personnel Welding Qualifications and Welding Procedure Specifications, Code Required Welding Procedure Specifications, Personnel Training for Fabrication – Welding – Quality Control – Production – Procurement – ASTM Requirements – RCSC Bolting Operations – Estimating – Any Other Services Needed. We cater to large companies, small companies, and any firm that is looking to expand their services through means of Quality Control and/or Safety Requirements. Safety and Quality Control are becoming more and more demanding in this time in our society; get ahead of your competition, create a safe workplace for your employees, create products with higher quality requirements, engage on projects that require stricter Quality Control requirements, Etc. If you have a need you have not encountered in this company service outline, reach out and let us know what it is; I am certain we can fulfill the needs of your demand. As General Manager, I personally oversee every single project we provide our services for, and I engage in the consulting and consultation services of the project often. We operate with small crews whom are skilled in the craft to a degree not often encountered in everyday Quality Control & Special Inspections Services and feel that this tact provides a superior outcome to your project’s needs. Our service is our name, and we would not provide any service out of this company that would not reflect our name with Pride, Service and Integrity! You hire Addison, you hire a company with dedication to your satisfaction!

Services Provided & Proudly Offered

  • Addison, Inc. is a Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured Structural Special Inspections Consultant
  • We Offer Extremely Competitive Proposals without Sacrificing Quality Control
  • Addison, Inc. Performs Special Inspections in the Majority of the Western Half of the United States – Some Service Limitations Exist in Certain Areas
  • Consultant Services for Achievement of Approved Fabricator Requirements Assemble of Quality Control Programs – AISC – Clark County – Misc. Others
  • Assessment of Lacking or Inexperienced Contractor Completion, Nonconforming Items or Project Schedule Upsets – Ability to Assemble Project Solutions for “Back-On-Track” Critical Path Management Schedules and Proposed Repair Details and Repairs
  • Consulting Service Engagement in – Private Sector – Prevailing Wage Projects – State Funded – Federal Funded – (Addison is a NON-Union Contractor) – Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential, Custom Residential, Transportation Sector, Shopping Centers, Etc.
  • Hourly Inspection Services – Not-to-Exceed Proposals – Full Contract Plan & Specification Contract Engagement – *Owner Choice*
  • State of the Art Industry Standard Testing Equipment – Calibrated Bolt Inspections – ASNT Visual Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Pressure & Leak Testing, Radiographic Testing (Not Available in All Markets),
  • Special Inspection In-House Design Services: Full Scale Detailing & Engineering Services and Packages, Specializing in Difficult Projects, Seismic Endorsed Projects and Existing Building & Structure Modifications/Additions – Project Specific Inspection Maps Referencing All Required Areas of Special Inspections for your Project’s Needs
  • Inspection Services: American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors (AWS CWI) – American Society of Nondestructive Testing NDT Technicians (ASNT-NDT) – International Code Council (ICC) & American Welding Society (AWS) Certified High Strength Bolting Inspectors – Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Tower Inspections – American Concrete Institute (ACI) Inspectors – Structural Plan Reading Inspectors – Anchor Rod Pull Tension Tests – Guy Wire Plumb and Tension Inspections – Slip Critical Tension High Strength Bolting Inspections (Turn of Nut, Direct Tension Indicators, Blind Side Bolting, Calibrated Wrench Bolting, Concrete Anchor Torque Tests, Twist Type Tension Indicators, Epoxy Post Installed Concrete Anchors)
  • Fully Trained Personnel, AWS Level 1 – 2 – 3 Welding Operators, AWS Qualified Welders, OSHA Trained 10 & 30 – Rope & Rescue Technicians – Hot Works & Fire Prevention Operation Technicians – GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, Oxy-Fuel Welding Techniques
  • Welding Inspections, Procedures, and Personnel Qualification Conforming to AWS Codes: D1.1 Structural Steel – D1.2 Structural Aluminum – D1.3 Sheet Steel – D1.4 Reinforcing Steel – D1.5 Bridge Welding/AASHTO – D1.6 Stainless Steels – D1.7 Existing Structures – D1.8 SEISMIC WELDING CODE – D1.9 Titanium Welding
  • Specially Trained AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding in Aerospace & AWS D15.1 Fusion Welding in Railroads
  • Welding Inspection Operations Conforming to American Petroleum Institute (API) & American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Requirements
  • RCSC Qualified Bolting Procedures – Skidmore/Wilhelm Testers – ASTM Acceptance Procedures – AISC Fabrication Standards – ASIC Detailing Procedures
  • Inspections of Full Scope Turnkey Project Performance: Complete Specification Division 05 XX XX Contracting – Structural Steel Columns, Beams & Supporting Members – Steel Joists & Steel Decking – Stairs & Rails – Spiral Staircases – Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) – Bollards, Embedded Items – Rolled Metals, Formed Metals – Grating & Frames – High Strength Grout – All Products Crafted from Metals
  • Inspections of Seismic Structural Steel – Reduced Beam Sections – Demand Critical Welding – Seismic Force Resisting Systems – Protected Zones – AISC 341, FEMA, AWS D1.8 Requirements & Controlled Electrodes
  • Welding Procedures and Qualifications for Metals of All Sorts – Low, Mid, High Carbon Steels – Stainless Steels – Aluminum – Magnesium – Titanium – High Nickel & Chromium Steels – Galvanized Steels – Weathering Steels
  • Inspections of Custom Certified Rigging & Hoisting Systems, Stage Systems, Engineered Suspension Systems
  • Remote Rope Access Welding and Bolting Inspections – Communication Towers, Wind Generators, Facility Smoke Stacks
  • Permit Required Confined Space Inspections – Environmental Conditions Monitoring – Atmospheric Conditions Monitoring

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